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Religion 304O
Online Course
Religion 101:
Regular Term
Religion 101:
Summer Term
Religion 304:
Regular Term
Religion 304:
Summer Term
Analysis Paper:
Summary Elements of the Paper Guidelines for Doing the Paper Paper Flow Chart  . Resources for Doing Your OT Paper
Analysis Paper Assignments:
Religion 101O Religion 101J
(TTh 8:00am Fall)
Religion R101K
(TTh 10:25 am Fall)
Religion 304 Religion 304O
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Religion 101

Religion 304

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Explanation of Topics Page:
The content of the course is defined by these topics and will be the basis of class discussions, assignments (see Class Assignments Schedule below), and the testing. Links to URLs, class handout materials, etc. are provided and will become a part of the testing

Instructions on Making Your Paper Passage Request:
In order to make your paper request, and to verify your assigned passage for the paper, click on the icon for the appropriate course and section. The assignments will be posted daily for the first couple of weeks until every student has been assigned an exclusive scripture passage to treat in the paper assignment.

Explanation of Sample Quizzes:
These quizzes are provided as illustrations of the types of questions you can expect to answer on the weekly quizzes and also on the objective exam option. The questions are taken from the data pool of objective questions available under the  icon in the List of Study Topics.