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Instructions: This page is organized according to the basic structure of your Analysis Paper. You should follow it step by step according to the Guidelines,using these URL links as a supplement to the library materials, but not in place of them. Links are set up to each section of the Analysis Paper Guidelines for checking procedures etc.

This page contains links for doing either the Old Testament or the New Testament Analysis Paper. Note the description given for each link to determine whether it applies to your paper.
For answers to format questions in citing elecronic sources in your paper check To the lobby of
Go directly to:
INTRODUCTION of your paper CONCLUSION of your paper Links into Generalized URL's
BODY of your paper SOURCES CITED in your paper Additional Sources of Helpful Information

Historical Aspects Literary Aspects Text Criticism
One very important note to remember: The required four translations must come from the approved list of translations, and be set up following the guidelines in the Analysis Paper Phase One assignment.
 Maps/Atlases Concordances/ Gospel Synopsis Bible Dictionaries One Volume Commentaries

Multi-Volume Commentaries

Journal Articles

Gateways into Generalized URL's

Resource Pages for Biblical Studies

GWU Links to Various Sources of Religious Information

Christianity Net

Yale Divinity School Library

 Additional Sources of Helpful Information

Computer Assisted Bible Analysis The Literature of Early Christianity Second Temple Synagogues Texts for Ancient History Courses Worlds of Late Antiquity

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