Resources for Spiritual Growth and Learning

The following list contains links to an ongoing project for me: to make available the insights I've gained over the past three plus decades of studying and teaching religion. Hopefully these can be of usefulness to you as well. Check this page periodically since I'll be continually uploading new materials. Feel free to quote from them with the proper citation: Lorin L. Cranford, [Resource Title], [page #], downloaded from Cranfordville on [date of download].To access, click on the appropritate resource. All rights reserved ©. Last revised: 07/24/13
Individual Bible Studies Study Aids: Greek Lectures
Bible Study Series Study Aids: New Testament Biblical Insights Commentary
 The History of the Bible Study Aids: Old Testament  Articles
Making Sense of the Bible PhD Seminar Papers Interesting Viewpoints
The Apostle Paul, Servant of Christ (Study Guide) Bibliographical Sources Short Stories
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