OVERVIEW   Studies:
SESSION ONE   1.0 What is written expression of ideas?
SESSION TWO   2.0 How did the Bible came into being?
SESSION THREE   3.0 What do I do with the literary aspects of scripture?
SESSION FOUR   4.0 What does history have to do with scripture?
SESSION FIVE   5.0 How can I use translations for studing the Bible?
SESSION SIX   6.0 What secondary tools can I use for studying scripture?
SESSION SEVEN   7.0 Making Sense of Third John

Learning Objective:
That the students would develop better skills in interpreting the scripture texts through their personal study of the Bible.

Learning Strategies:
• Apply understanding of nature of written materials to biblical text of Third John.
• Apply research skills for analyzing secondary resources to study of Third John.
• Utilize available resourches for locating secondary resources in the study of Third John.