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This URL provides the content for not only massive aids for, and studies of, the sacred scriptures of Christianity, but also for a wealth of other materials, e.g., short stories, articles, sermons, publications et als. C&L Ventures is the parent company for the Bible study URL and retains ownership of Also, it is the owner of C&L Designs and C&L Publishing. As well as, Photos BY Claire forms another branch of C&L Ventures. Founded in 1999, initially in Boiling Springs, North Carolina, the home based company has followed Claire and me to Europe and then to Central America, and now finally back in the United States at San Angelo, Texas. Through it's ministry to the larger Christian community, many lives have been touched, encouraged, and informed about God's will for His people, especially through the sacred scriptures of Christianity. Our constant prayer has always been to bring the Gospel message to as many people as possible at the least expense possible to the customer.

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