Lorin Lee Cranford
   Living at the Baptist Retirement Community
   San Angelo, Texas 76903
 Pastor, International Baptist Church
      Cologne, Germany
      Since July 2008      

Professor of Religion
     Department of Religious Studies and Philosophy
        Gardner-Webb University
           Boiling Springs, North Carolina
           1998 - 2008

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    November 3, 1941; Perrin, Texas

    Claire M. Cranford, July 2, 1944


Carrie Lynn Allen Sowinski (step-daughter), April 9, 1977

....Michael Sowinski (son-in-law), January 12, 1975

Angie Kelley (step-daughter), June 9, 1970

Gregory Scott Cranford (son), October 29, 1969
   Jennifer Cranford (daughter-in-law), June 26, 1971

Donald Lynn Cranford (son), August 2, 1966
   Hallie Cranford (daughter-in-law), February 14, 1972

Christopher Wayne Cranford (son), August 9, 1963
    Tanya Cranford (daughter-in-law)

    Michael Heath Cranford, July 24, 1987
    Mary Kathryn Cranford, August 5, 1988
    Aaron Foster Cranford, February 4, 1991
    Susanna Helen Cranford, March 24, 1992
    Brittany Nicole Cranford, October 18, 1994
    Clayton Douglas Kelly, February 14, 1995
    Preston Reid Cranford, June 26, 1996
    Trevor Ryan Cranford, November 4, 1997
    Taylor Alyce Kelley, January 18, 2000
    Andrew Foster Cranford, January 31, 2000
    Anabeth Lee Cranford, Feb. 13, 2003

Church Membership:
    Southland Baptist Church, San Angelo, Texas

    Wayland Baptist University, B.A., 1964
    Southwestern Baptist Seminary, M.Div., 1968; Th.D., 1975
    Goethe Institut, Zertifikat Deutsch Als Fremdsprache, 1980

Additional Study:
    University of Texas at Arlington
    Abert Ludwigs Universität, Freiberg Germany
    Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms Universität, Bonn Germany
    Alliance Française, Paris, France
    Ruprecht-Karls-Universität, Heidelberg Germany

Previous Positions:
    Professor of New Testament, School of Theology, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1974-1997
    Pastor, Springdale Baptist Church, Fort Worth, Texas, 1968-74
    Pastor, First Baptist Church, Graford, Texas, 1964-68

    "A New Look at II Corinthians 5:1-10," Southwestern Journal of Theology, Spring, 1977.
    "Encountering Heresy: Insight from the Pastoral Epistles," Southwestern Journal of Theology, Spring 1980.
    Workbook for Elementary Greek, 2 vols (Scripta Publishing), 1980; rev. ed. 1988, 1989
    Workbook for New Testament Greek, 2 vols. (Scripta Publishing) 1981, 1982; rev. ed. 1989
    A Study Manual of the New Testament, 2 vols. (Scripta Publishing), 1981
    Youth in Discovery: Teacher, Jan.-Mar., 1983 (SBC S.S. Board)
    Theologische Auszüge zur Leseübung, 2 vols., ed., (Scripta Publishing) 1984
    Galatians Diagramed, (Scripta Publishing) 1984
    James Diagramed, (Scripta Publishing) 1984
    A Study Guide to the Sermon on the Mount, (Scripta Publishing) 1985, rev. ed. 1988
    A Study Manual on the Epistle of James: English Text, (Scripta Publishing) 1987
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    A Study Manual on the Epistle of Paul to the Galatians: Greek Text, (Scripta Publishing) 1988, rev. ed. 1991
    A Study Manual on the Parables of Jesus: English Text, (Scripta Publishing) 1988
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    Encyclopedia of Early Christianity (Garland Press) article: "Revelation," 1987
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    Exegeting the New Testament: vol 2, Research Updates and Bibliography, (Scripta Publishing) 1991
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    "Modern New Testament Interpretation," chapter seven of Biblical Hermeneutics, Broadman Press, 1996, Revised Edition, 2002.
    "The Bridge" a non-religious short story published in 1997 on The Short Story Page at
    "The Lost and Found," Decision Magazine, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, (February, 1998)
    The Parables of Jesus, C&L Publications, 2000, (released in CD-ROM form)
    Learning Biblical Koine Greek, C&L Publications, Inc., 4th ed., 2002 (released in CD-ROM form).
    The Letter of Paul to the Galatians, in Biblical Insights: An Exegetical and Expository Commentary on the New Testament, C&L Publications, Inc., (in preparation; to be released on CD-ROM and on the internet at
    "Throwing your Margaritas to the Pigs. A Rhetorical Reading of Matthew 7,6." Gemeinschaft der Kirchen und gesellschaftliche Verantwortung: Die Würde des Anderen und das Recht anders zu denken, Festschrift für Dr. Erich Geldbach, pp. 351-363. Edited by Lena Lybæk, Konrad Raiser, and Stefanie Schardien. Münster, Deutschland: Lit Verlag, 2004.
   "Hebrews," Review and Expositor, 102 no. 2 (Spring 2005), issue editor

Areas of Expertise:
    Languages: Greek, Hebrew, German, Latin, French
    New Testament studies
    Exegetical Theory and Procedure
    Computer Applications to Christian Ministry

    Society of Biblical Literature
    Southwest Region of SBL (NT Program Chairperson, 1995, Vice-President, 1996, President-Elect, 1997)
    National Association of Baptist Professors of Religion
    Seminar on the Development of Catholic Christianity (Convener, 1991-92, 1992-93)
    Southwest Biblical Seminar, (Convener, 1985-86; Co-Convener, 1997-98)
    Institute for Biblical Research
    Texas Faculty Association

    Honorary Life Member of Texas Association, P.T.A.
    Who's Who Among Colleges and Universities, 1963-64, 1974-75
    Who's Who in Religion in America, 1975-78, 1995, 1998
    Outstanding Young Men of America, 1977-78
    Who's Who in Computers, 1989
    Gastdozent at the Theologisches Seminar, Hamburg, Germany, 1983, 1990
    Issue Editor for Southwestern Journal of Theology for fall 1990 edition on Acts
    Issue Co-Editor for Southwestern Journal of Theology for fall 1994 edition on Galatians
    Gastwissenschaftler (Visiting Scholar) in the Wissenschaftlich-Theologisches Seminar of the University of Heidelberg, 1990-91
    Gastdozent (Guest Lecturer) of the Neutestamentlichen Societät at the Wissenschaftlich-Theologisches Seminar of the University of Heidelberg, 1991
    Gastdozent (Guest Lecturer) at the Englisches Seminar in the Sociologischen Fakultät of the University of Bonn, 1991
    Gastdozent (Guest Lecturer) at the University of Göttingen, 1991
    Who's Who in the Southwest, 1995, 1997
    Who's Who among American Teachers, 2002

Interim Pastorates:
    Arlington Heights Baptist Church, Fort Worth, Texas, 1974-75, 1977-78
    First Baptist Church, Perrin, Texas, 1976-77, 1989-90
    First Baptist Church, Argyle, Texas, 1978
    Normandale Baptist Church, Fort Worth, Texas, 1979, 1983, 1994
    First Baptist Church, Grandfield, Okla., 1979
    First Baptist Church, Bellevue, Texas, 1981
    Walnut Creek Baptist Church, Azle, Texas, 1983
    First Baptist Church, Iowa Park, Texas, 1986
    Grace Baptist Church, Sandhausen, Germany, 1991
    Ridgecrest Baptist Church, Haltom City, Texas 1997