Revised Edition

Commentary Series


Paul's Letter to the Colossians

Volume 15

Pericope 04 Col. 1:11b-14


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The material is presented first in animated visual video avi / mp4 format, which summarizes the commentary materials. Both the Storyboards and the Commentary pages are in increasing length and are formatted in the downloadable and printable pdf format. You can begin with the video summation and go then to the detailed commentary materials. Begin the three types of materials by bringing up first the Part One exegesis that establishes a probable historical meaning of the scripture text. Then Part Two exposition will explore possible applications of the scripture text to our contemporary world. This is presented the same essential way in four modern language editions: English, German, French, and Spanish.

ITEMS: English German French Spanish
Part One: Exegesis
Part Two: Exposition
Part One
Part Two
Part One
Part Two
Part One
Part Two
Part One
Part Two
Part One: Exegesis
Part Two: Exposition

Part One

Part Two

Part One
Part Two  
Part One
Part Two
Part One
Part Two

Supplementary Aids:

[These aids relate to both

the commentary and
storyboard files. The text
files are in the pdf file
format for downloading
and printing. The audio
files are in either mp3 or
wav file format. They also
can be downloaded.]

Reading the Greek text

Reading the English translation

Multiple translations listing

Block Diagram: Greek Text

Block Diagram: English Text

Commentary Notes

Parsing of Greek Words

PPP Zip File


Finding the Context

Lesen des griechischen Textes

Lesen des deutschen Textes.

Auflistung smehrerer Übersetzungen

Blockdiagramm des griechischen Textes

Blockdiagramm des deutschen Textes

Kommentar Anmerkungen:

Parsing der griechischen Wörter



Den Kontext finden

Lire le texte en grec

Lire le texte en français

Liste de traductions multiples

Schéma fonctionnel: texte grec

Schéma fonctionnel: texte français

Notes de comentaires

Analyser les mots grecs en français

Fichier Zip PPP

Fichier PPP

Trouver le contexte

Lectura del texto griego.

Leyendo la traducción al español.

Lista de traducciones múltiples.

Diagrama de bloques: texto griego

Diagrama de bloques: traducción al español

Notas de comentarios:

Análisis de las palabras griegas

Archivo zip PPP

Archivo PPP

Encontrar el contexto

Part One: Exegesis (Then)

Part Two: Exposition(Now)

Part One: Exegesis

Part Two: Exposition

Erster Teil: Exegese

Zweiter Teil: Ausstellung

Première partie: Exégèse

Deuxième partie: Exposition
Primera parte: exégesis
Segunda parte: exposición

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