About the study:

This summary study of the ebook, The Apostle Paul: Servant of Christ, was shared with the morning seminar group meeting in Interlaken, Switzerland on July 7-12, 2012. This was a part of the summer retreat of the International Baptist Convention annual meeting.

During the five session study, an overview of the topic was given around the following themes:

The Person

The Christian

The Missionary

The Writer

The Teacher

The Apostle to all Nations


The Study is presented by

Dr. Lorin L. Cranford

of Santa Ana, Costa Rica.

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Summary Study

The overview of the study is avaiable in a handout formatted in pdf file form. This contains an outline of each of the five studies, in addition to the scripture texts, outlines etc. that served as the content for each study.

Below are contained the presentation slides used with each of the studies. These are also in pdf file format for viewing and downloading purposes.

Presentation Slides:

Paul, the Person

Paul, the Christian

Paul, the Missionary

Paul, the Writer

Paul, the Teacher