loading =Supplementary materials either in pdf or html format.


1. University Academic course room materials

2. Church Bible conference course room materials

=1. Interlaken Background commentary in pdf format

2. General study aids of different types.

=Outline of scripture text.

=1. Interlaken Power Point slides in OpenOffice format (ODP)


=Listing of items from various sources.

For example, a listing of the pericopes of each of the four gospels.

=2. Presentation slides (ODP mostly) on various topics =Block diagram of scripture text: Greek
=Interlaken Power Point slides notes handout in pdf format =Block diagram of scripture text: English
loading =Bible study with Spanish emphasis, in pdf format

=Explanation of file structure etc.

loading =Bible Study with German emphasis, in pdf format

=HTML hyperlinked page

=Sermon manuscript or sermon brief from a scripture text

=Document in pdf format for downloading.

=A Sunday School Lesson taken from the Bible =Listing of parallel texts either in Greek or English or both
=Single volume overview of topic or scripture book. =Bibliography listing of study resources
=video clip of teaching overview of a Bible study, usually in mpeg4 format. =video recording of a sermon, usually in mpeg4 format.
=video clip introduction to each volume in the BIC series, usually in mpeg4 format.  

The icons listed above represent hyperlinks to supplementary files in the BIC commentary series. These provide additional materials beyond the commentary files -- loading and loading -- that are intended to aid in the study of the scripture text. The hyperlink will either be embedded in the icon or listed on a line immediately above the icon. Gradually this listing will expand as progress is made in the completion of the commentary series.