Sending E-Mail Attachments
Using Netscape Communicator
last revised: 2/12/00
What it will look like on your computer screen:
1. Bring up the Netscape Messenger program. Your screen should look similar to this 
2. Click on the New Msg icon on the Menu Bar at the top.
3. Fill in the required items:
    To: cranford@shelby.net 

     Subject: R305O Exam 1 

     Text Field:
          Message such as

           Your Name 

4. Click on  located on Menu Bar; see  on row 3.

5. Attach the Exam 1 to your e-mail:
Once the initial Attach menu comes up, click on File

6. Then in the Look in: field go to the Folder (Sub-Directory) where the document file for Exam 1 is located, by clickon the folder icon.


Highlight it, then click on Open

7. Your screen will now bring the e-mail back up and in the field above the Subject field, you should see the highlighted exam 1 document file as
8. Repeat step 5 in order to attach the Translation Analysis document (also due) to this same e-mail.

9. Once your e-mail screen looks like the example to the right, click  to send it to me.