Sending E-Mail Attachments
Using MS Outlook Express
last revised: 2/12/00
What it will look like on your computer screen:
1. Bring up the MS Outlook Express program. Your screen should look similar to this 
2. Click on the  icon on the Menu Bar.
3. Fill in the required items:
    To: cranford@shelby.net 

     Subject: R305O Exam 1 

     Text Field:
         Message such as

           Your Name 

4. To attach a file click on   

see  on row 3.
5. Then in the Look in: field go to the Folder (Sub-Directory) where the document file for Exam 1 is located, by clickon the folder icon.

Highlight it, then click on Attach

6. Your screen will now bring the e-mail back up and in the field below the text field, you should see the highlighted exam 1 document file as
7. Repeat steps 4 and 5 in order to attach the Translation Analysis document (also due) to this same e-mail.

8. Once your e-mail screen looks like the example to the right, click  to send it to me.