Instructions for Accessing
Your Web Grade Report
last revised: 5/14/03

As an experiment beginning in the spring semester of 2003, I have set up an account with MicroGrade through their WebGrade services so that you can access your grades for classes that you are currently taking with me. In order to access your grade, please follow carefully the instructions provided below. An update of your grades will be normally made at the end of each week, so that you can see your most recent grades. This will take the place of the periodic grade reports that I have traditionally sent out.

Step 1:
Print out this page for future reference.

Step 2:
Click on the following icon for access to your course:----------

Step 3:
Complete the following information in the Student Login screen that will appear.

1. Your Student ID is your GWU student id.
2. Your Password is the one that came via an email. Be sure to save this for future reference.
3. Enter both these items, then click on the Login button. This will bring up your Student Summary report.
4. Report any problems to me via email at

*Some students are reporting difficulties accessing their Webgrade. The difficulty seems to be with the MS Internet Explorer browser, especially version 6.0 operating under Windows XP. The IE default setting on allowing 'cookies' to be set is just below the minimum threshhold of the WebGrade server. I've tested the system on over half a dozen browsers, and the IE browser seems to be the only one with problems. If you can access the WebGrade site with a browser other than MS IE, you shouldn't encounter any difficulties. Possibly even with an older version IE browser, operating on an earlier version of Windows other than XP, you most likely will not encounter problems. Bill Gates has snuckered us again with a cheap way to patch the numerous security issues facing Microsoft.
    The following error message will show up when the above problem surfaces:
Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a01a8'
Object required: ''
/students/CookiesDisabled.asp, line 17
When this problem shows up, it can be corrected by following the following instructions provided by Chariott Software:
This web site requires the use of "cookies" to function properly. "Cookies" are bits of information that your web browser stores on your machine to maintain information. WebGrade uses cookies to maintain your "session" - so you only have to log in once per visit instead of logging in on every page.

We have detected that you either have cookies disabled, or you tried to access a page without logging in first. You may get this error if you set a "bookmark" to a page within this site.

Please check the following, and go back to try again.

You appear to be using Internet Explorer 6.0. Check "Internet Options" under the "Tools" menu and set the privacy options to the medium or default level.

Your browser is not set to accept "cookies". Change your browser settings to accept "cookies".

Your browser's security settings are too high. Reduce the security settings.

This should solve the problem.

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