Photo Album 
Don's Family Visit to NC
August 11-13, 2000
Ready to head home on Sunday. Family portrait!?!
Picture time! Say c-h-e-e-z-e! Breakfast time!
Fun time in Cherokee NC Fun at the Broad River!
Playground at the River Walk. Ride, anyone????
Trevor, looking for minnows! Look, mom! I found one!
Cherokee Indian potter One of the very interesting highlights of their
visit was spending Saturday afternoon at the
Cherokee Indian Reservation, about 2 hours
west of our home.  Many, many different act-
ivities are possible on the reservation. We
focused on the Oconaluftee Village where an
authentic Cherokee Indian village has been
re-created illustrating life in the 1800s 
among  the tribes of the Cherokees. For 
further information on the village go to their 
web site, Oconaluftee Indian Village. Or, for 
more information, go the reservation's web site
Click icon to access.
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