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Mike & Kathy Brannon's Visit
June 2000
A super way to travel! Breakfast before hitting the road
Mike and Kathy spent the night with us on June 14 while heading back toward home near Bakersfield, CA, after visiting relatives on the NC coast near Atlantic, NC. We had a marvelous time remembering days gone by in the late 1940s and early 1950s when we were kids. Mike's family would come through Texas from San Diego, CA, on their way to NC to visit his mom's family. We roamed the creeks and pastures of my dad's place and our grandparent's adjacent place making the most of every minute during those days, sometimes getting into mischief! Especially important was the opportunity to catch up on one another's family. Mike and Kathy have three married children and grandkids. A part of this trip was their daughter's wedding in PA. Since we haven't had a lot of contact with each other for over 40 years, it was neat to learn of their wonderful family. Both of them have recently retired -- Mike for the second time, first from the Navy and then from H-P where Kathy worked for many years. They built a lovely home up in the mountains outside Bakersfield, CA with acreage for their horses and pets.
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