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   Cranford, New Jersey
Cranford Online is your resource for what's going on in Cranford, New Jersey, from the comfort of your home or office. Our mission is to be "Your Guide To Everything Cranford." Cranford Online, as it continues to grow, will be your "place to go, thing to do" and will have "people to see" as it becomes an interactive way to send e-mail to yourfriends and neighbors, view their home pages and check out the web sites of Cranford businesses!

Cranford St John in Northamptonshire.

Two villages exit in the English province of Northamptonshire: Cranford St. John and Cranford St. Andrew. The link takes you to a description and links to a map of the locations of these two villiages.

    Don Cranford - Owner/President
          "Healthy Soil for Healthy Crops"

Cranford, Inc. has been in business since 1932. Our principal activity is the agricultural area. We used to distribute and apply agricultural manures, lime and gypsum to farmers throughout the Salinas Valley. We also used to deliver and apply raw organic products, such as chicken and dairy manures.

Many years ago we saw the need to create and produce agricultural products that would enhance more of the needs of our agricultural clients. As a result, composting and related composting products like Compost Tea, Micronized Compost, and Commercial Compost became part of Cranford, Inc.'s. products inventory.

Peace and friendship. In the hurly burly of today, these are rare characteristics. At Cranford
Country House you will find both. In a tastefully decorated 140 year old farm house, you
can enjoy the peace of our rustic setting enhanced by the friendliness of your hosts Simon
and Megan Kerr.

Post Office Box 9007    Hickory, North Carolina 28603    (828) 326-9707

     Welcome to our one stop country furniture store! Here you will find a wide variety of country furniture and home decorations. This site allows you to view and purchase all of our country and billiard collection in the comfort of your own home.
     This site contains pictures of our solid wood hutches, corner cabinets, curios, coffee tables, dining tables, benches, pie safes, wall clocks, hand painted plaques, and many other country home decorations. Our stylish billiard spectator chairs, cue racks and wall plaques will add sophistication to any billiard room or pool table hall. Our spectator chairs are the most unique among the billiard industry. Our chairs have uniquely carved legs and a comfortable, upholstered, seat with a slight rocking action. Our cue racks are made from high quality hard woods. The quality of our wood and workmanship makes our pool room supplies the most stable and quality oriented in the

Sample Celtic tunesCranford Publications
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Some use ABCs, while others are in standard musical notation format and can be
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A link to a Recording Title takes you to a description of the recording and artists,
tune titles, cover graphics etc.

Cranford by Elizabeth Gaskell 

A volume in British literature written in 1853 by Elizabeth Gaskell and considered to be a worthy piece of English literature.
Gaskell, Elizabeth Cleghorn [Stevenson]

Partial contents: Cranford; Company Manners; The Well of Pen-Morfa; Curious if True; Right at Last; Lois the Witch; The
Crooked Branch. Elizabeth Gaskell (1810-,1865) was an English author who specialized in works depicting life in manufacturing
cities of the Midlands and, in this way, presenting an interesting picture of the development of industrial society in Great Britain.
LC 74-150475 1886
ISBN: 0836938151 $26.95


Page contains data on CRANFORD ROOFING INC, located in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. They offer the following services: ,,,,Roofing and gutter work, Roofing contractor, Roofing, siding, and sheetmetal work. They do not have an internet URL listing, however.

Cranford Circuits
Wharton Industrial Estate
Nat Lane
Tel: 01606 861155
Fax: 01606 861700

An electronic circuits manufactoring company in the United Kingdom.

Cranford,Johnson,Robinson,Woods is a full-service advertising, marketing and public relations agency in Raleigh, NC, and has a really neat intro to their web page using sign language.

For checking up on Cranford genealogy check out the GenealogySiteFinder. Also the Cranford Historical Society link is found there with suggestions for doing online genealogy searches.

Check out Charles Cranford's Welcome to the Panorama Gallery! of various places in the world using panorama photography. Requires certain browsers or viewers (free download) for best viewing.

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