This project begins a long time dream -- that of writing a commentary on the New Testament incorporating the insights gleaned from over thirty years of ministry in higher education at all levels -- undergraduate, masters, and mostly at doctoral -- and in the local church. The completion of the project will spann the remaining decades of my life and ministry. At the beginning of this, I'm sixty years of age hoping for at least two more decades of living.

Also, the project is intentionally being created in electronic format rather than print format. The reader will thus be able to take advantage of the additional features of quick references and pop-up screens adding comments etc. to the main discussion. Additionally, the reader can print out just the selections of material that prove to be useful. The basic format for the commentary is the Adobe Acrobat PDF. Several advantages of this format over the html format dictated this decision. For one thing, the desired page format can be controlled in the production of the commentary. You as the reader see the exact screen image that I as the writer created. While not always critical, on occasion this will be very important for understanding what is being presented. Another advantage is cost. The commentary is intentionally being made available without charge via our URL® My desire is for it to be a gift to the Christian community, hopefully advancing the understanding of the religious movement begun by Jesus of Nazareth over two thousand years ago. My only request is that proper bibliographic citation would be given when materials from the commentary are used in publications etc.

The nature of the materials included in the BIC commentary fall into the following groups:

Hopefully these resources will provide answers to the meaning and application of the biblical text. This is the objective the the commentary seriers.


May 2015

Santa Ana, Costa Rica