Sacred Texts and Christianity
Lecture Notes for Topic 1.3-
Religion 492
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Contained below is a manuscript summarizing the class lecture(s) covering the above specified range of topics from the List of Topics for Religion 492.  Quite often hyperlinks (underlined) to sources of information etc. will be inserted in the text of the lecture. Test questions for all quizzes and exams will be derived in their entirety or in part from these lectures; see Exams in the course syllabus for details. To display the Greek text contained in this page download and install the free BSTGreek True Type fonts from Bible Study Tools.
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1.3 Sacred Texts
        In this topic we are going to explore a number of issues that have been put on the table primarily by Gerald Bray in selected segments of chapter one of his Biblical Interpretation: Past and Present. Thus you will want to pay especially close attention to the textbook list of assigned readings since these will help frame the discussion of the topic under consideration. Don't neglect to give some consideration to the bibliography at the end of virtually all these sub-topics in chapter one that we will cover here. These will provide helpful additional resources for a more detailed study. Occasionally, additional assigned readings will show up in some of these topics. These will come from internet based resources, thus avoiding time consuming trips to the reserved section of the library to read materials placed on closed reserve.
        In general the issues treated under topic 1.3 will build on the foundation laid in the two preceding topics of 1.1 and 1.2. Expect frequent reference, both in Bray and in the class discussion, to this preceding material as assumed understanding for the discussion at hand.
        Understanding these foundational concepts in unit 1.0 will be critical to making sense out of the various interpretative methodologies that have surfaced over the past two millennium of New Testament interpretative history.

        The above hyperlinks will take you directly to the sub-topic located in its own separate page. This is intended to make downloading and/or printing of these pages easier and less cumbersome since the individual pages will be smaller than if lumped together in one huge document.

Gerald Bray, "Introduction: The purpose and method of this book," Biblical Interpretation: Past and Present, pp. 19-43