Study of Luke 1:1-4

Last revised: 6/18/99
The following is a diagram of the single sentence in the Prologue of the Gospel of Luke:
(Cause)            Since many have undertaken to set down an orderly account
                                         of the events
                                                  that have been fulfilled
                                                          among us,
                                        just as they were handed on to us 
                                                                           by witnesses 
                                                               of the word
I too decided
(Time)            after investigating everything carefully from the very first, 

              to write an orderly account for you, 
                                                most excellent Theophilus,
(Purpose)   so that you may know the truth 
                                    concerning the things
                                    about which you have been instructed. 

Observations about the text:
     1. Note the core expression of the sentence.
     2. Note the three ways this core expression is qualified.
            Reason for:
     3. Who was Theophilus?
     4. What were Luke's sources?
     5. What was Luke's research method?
     6. What kind of story of Jesus did Luke intend to produce?