Lesson 02
Col. 1:3-8
Exegetical Issues
last revised: 1/04/05
To display the Greek text contained in this page, download and install the free BSTGreek True Type fonts from Bible Study Tools. The Greek text is based upon the United Bible Societies The Greek New Testament, fourth revised edition.  By "Exegetical Issues" is intended the historical issues in understanding the meaning of the periocope. In the discussion Guidelines for Exegeting a Text from the Greek New Testament, the primary focus for this segment will be on steps 3, 5 and 6. Steps 1, 2 and 4 are treated under Rhetorical Issues since they focus on the literary aspects of the pericope.
Don't forget to use the online sources available in iPreach (above hyperlink) as important secondary sources.

1. Explore the possible implications of the time markers indicating when Paul may have heard about the faith and love of the Colossians (vv. 3-4). Check Bible Dictionaries and commentaries.
1.3 Eujcaristou'men tw'/ qew'/ patri; tou' kurivou hJmw'n  jIhsou' Cristou' pavntote peri; uJmw'n proseucovmenoi, 1.4 ajkouvsante" th;n pivstin uJmw'n ejn Cristw'/  jIhsou' kai; th;n ajgavphn h^n e[cete eij" pavnta" tou;" aJgivou"


2. Explore the possible implications of the time markers indicating when the Colossians may have first heard the Gospel (vv. 5-8). Check Bible Dictionaries and commentaries.

1.5 dia; th;n ejlpivda th;n ajpokeimevnhn uJmi'n ejn toi'" oujranoi'", h^n prohkouvsate ejn tw'/ lovgw/ th'" ajlhqeiva" tou' eujaggelivou 1.6 tou' parovnto" eij" uJma'", kaqw;" kai; ejn panti; tw'/ kovsmw/ ejsti;n karpoforouvmenon kai; aujxanovmenon kaqw;" kai; ejn uJmi'n, ajf j h|" hJmevra" hjkouvsate kai; ejpevgnwte th;n cavrin tou' qeou' ejn ajlhqeiva//. 1.7 kaqw;" ejmavqete ajpo;  jEpafra' tou' ajgaphtou' sundouvlou hJmw'n, o|" ejstin pisto;" uJpe;r uJmw'n diavkono" tou' Cristou', 1.8 oJ kai; dhlwvsa" hJmi'n th;n uJmw'n ajgavphn ejn pneuvmati.


3. Trace out Epaphras as he appears in the New Testament and early church tradition.
    Use a Bible concordance both English and Greek text based, such as the online Bible Study Tools, searching under Epaphras, along with Bible Dictionaries. Identify him, and especially his relationship with the Colossian congregation and with Paul.

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