Lesson 01
Col 1:1-2
Exegetical Issues
last revised: 1/7/05
To display the Greek text contained in this page, download and install the free BSTGreek True Type fonts from Bible Study Tools. The Greek text is based upon the United Bible Societies The Greek New Testament, fourth revised edition.  By "Exegetical Issues" is intended the historical issues in understanding the meaning of the periocope. In the discussion Guidelines for Exegeting a Text from the Greek New Testament, the primary focus for this segment will be on steps 3, 5 and 6. Steps 1, 2 and 4 are treated under Rhetorical Issues since they focus on the literary aspects of the pericope. Don't forget to use the online sources available in iPreach (above hyperlink) as important secondary sources.

In answering the following questions, explore both the signals emerging internally from both the Praescriptio and the document generally. Then explore the history of interpretation beginning with the church fathers.

1. Who was responsibile for the composition of this document?
That is,
     Who wrote it?
     When was it written?
     From where was it written?
     To whom was it written?
     Map 1: Colossae
     Map 2: Asia Minor
     Modern Pictures of Colossae

2. What prompted the writing of this document?
That is,
     What is the nature of the teaching opposed by this document?

3. What is the relationship of this document to those in the "Prison Letters" of Paul?

4. What is the relationship of this document to Ephesians?

5. What is the relationship of this document to Philemon?

6. What is the theological perspective set forth in this document?

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