Lesson 03
Col. 1:9-23
Applicational Issues
last revised: 1/6/05
To display the Greek text contained in this page, download and install the free BSTGreek True Type fonts from Bible Study Tools. The Greek text is based upon the United Bible Societies The Greek New Testament, fourth revised edition.  By Application Issues is intended an exploration of the "now" meaning of the pericope. This will focus on two primary aspects: developing an Expositional Outline of the pericope and developing a Sermon Brief of the Pericope.

1. Outline of the Pericope:
    In following the Guidelines, base the outline upon the Exegetical Outline that grows out of the Block and Semantic Diagrams of the Pericope. Develop the Expositional Outline only at the first level of scripture text division.

    Or, on the assumption that the formal Proem in Colossians contains verses 3-12, develop an Exegetical Outline from these verses based on the Block Diagram of both sections, 1:3-8 and 1:9-12.

2. Sermon Brief in Outline of the Pericope in either of the above options:


C.I.T.: (S.S.T. etc.)


Major Objective:

Specific Objective:



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