Commentary Sets
(minimum of two references)

These are commentary sets with multiple volumes. Sometimes an entire volume will be devoted to a single book of the Bible; others will cover several books of the Bible within a single volume of the commentary set. These must be referenced differently as the examples on the links will illustrate. These commentaries will provide the most important and useful information in analyzing the specific meaning of the assigned scripture text, as well as address introductory historical and literary questions.

Abingdon New Testament Commentary
Anchor Bible
Black's New Testament Commentary
The Broadman Bible Commentary*
The Cambridge Bible Commentary
Continential Commentary Series
Daily Study Bible by William Barclay
Doubleday Bible Commentary
Harper's New Testament Commentaries
The International Critical Commentary
Interpretation: A Bible Commentary for Teaching and Preaching
The Interpreter's Bible*
The Layman's Bible Book Commentary
The Moffatt New Testament Commentary
New Century Bible
The New American Commentary on the Bible
The New International Commentary
The New Interpreter's Bible* (incomplete)
The New Testament in Context Series
New Testament Readings
The Old Testament Library
Sacra Pagina
Socio-Rhetorical Commentary Series
Tyndale Commentaries on the Bible
Westminster Bible Companion
Word Biblical Commentary* (incomplete)