last revised: 5/11/00
Number required for use paper assignment and listing in Sources Cited:
minimum of one reference

Description of the study tool and how to use it:
        Concordances represent very important study tools which enable you to trace the use of a certain word throughout the particular translation. For example, the word "love" will be listed under the correct alphabetical sequence like a dictionary. Under this word you will find all the scripture texts containing this word. Usually the concordance will not only list the book, chapter verse references, but also contain at least one line of the scripture texts containing the word. The following contains a representative list of concordances.
         Remember, the list of words included is determined by the English Bible translation the concordance is based on. Different English translations use different English words in translating the Hebrew and Greek texts of the Bible.

List of Acceptable Concordances:
Printed Concordances:
An Analytical Concordance on the RSV, New Testament*
Nelson's Complete Concordance (RSV)*
The NIV Complete Concordance*
The NRSV Concordance

Online Concordance bibliography listing format:
[scripture text or key word(s) listed] In The Bible Gateway Concordance Search Engine.  Internet. [accessed: date]

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