Bible Dictionaries
(minimum of one reference)

        Bible dictionaries and encyclopedias are just like a regular dictionary or encyclopedia, except that they focus on words and topics specifically related to the study of scripture. They are important sources of information for the historical background of your text, outlines of the scripture book containing your text, and key words that you've isolated out of your passage, along with other items. The list below contains some of the more helpful volumes. Articles contained in them are of two types: signed and unsigned articles. This necessitates two distinct types of bibliography, footnote listings: signed and unsigned articles.

The Anchor Bible Dictionary (6 volts.)*
Harper's Bible Dictionary*
International Standard Bible Encyclopedia (4 volumes)*
Interpreter's Diction.ary of the Bible (5 volumes)*
Mercer Dictionary of the Bible*
The New Bible Dictionary*
The New Westminster Dictionary of the Bible*