5.0 Israel Gains a Home: Joshua and Judges

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The Book of Joshua The Book of Judges
5.1 Two Views of the Conquest
T:95-96; NOSB3:HebBible:314-316; NOSB3:Essays:510-511;

5.2 The International Scene
T:96; NOSB3:HebBible:314-316; NOSB3:Essays:510-511
5.3 The Invasion of Canaan
T:96-101; NOSB3:HebBible:316-334
5.3.1 Preparations for the Invasion (Josh. 1:1-2:24)

5.3.2 The Waters Part Again (Josh. 3:1-5:1)

5.3.3 And the Walls Came Tumbling Down (Josh. 5:2-6:27)

5.3.4 Trouble in the Camp (Josh. 7:1-26)

5.3.5 Those Tricky Gibeonites (Josh. 9:1-27)

5.3.6 The Five Kings of the South (Josh. 10:1-27)

5.3.7 Joshua's Conquests (Josh. 10:28-12:24)

5.4 Dividing the Land and Renewing a Covenant
T:101-105; NOSB3:HebBible:334-352
5.4.1 The Dividing of the Land (Josh. 13:1-21:45)
5.4.2 The Altar That Was Not an Altar (Josh. 22:1-34)

5.4.3 Joshua's Farewell and a Covenant-Renewal Ceremony (Josh. 23:1-24:28; see also Josh. 8:30-35 and Deut. 27:1-26) The Influence of Canaanite Religion

5.4.4 Summary on Joshua's Version of the Conquest
5.5 Another Look at the Conquest
T:105-106; NOSB3:HebBible:353-359; NOSB3:Essays:510-511
5.5.1 On with the Conquest (Judg. 1:1-2:5)

5.5.2 A Preview of the Book (Judg. 2:6-3:6)

5.6 The Period of the Judges
T:106-114; NOSB3:HebBible:359-381
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5.6.1 Othniel (Judg. 3:7-11)

5.6.2 Ehud, the Left-Handed Benjaminite (Judg. 3:12-30)

5.6.3 Shamgar: The Man with the Goad (Judg. 3:31)

5.6.4 Deborah and Barak: Women's Liberation in the Twelfth Century B.C.E. (Judg. 4:1-5:31)
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5.6.5 Gideon: The Master of Surprise Attack (Judg. 6:1-8:35)

5.6.6 Abimelech: A Nobody Who Thought He Was Somebody (Judg. 9:1-25)

5.6.7 Jephthah: A Man Who Made a Foolish Vow and Kept It (Judg. 10:6-12:7)

5.6.8 Samson: a Brilliant Failure (Judg. 13:1-16:31)

5.7 There Was No King in Israel: Three Stories
T:114-115; NOSB3:HebBible:381-390
5.7.1 Micah and the Levite (Judg. 17:1-13)

5.7.2 The Move of the Tribe of Dan (Judg. 18:1-31)

5.7.3 The Levite and the Sin of Benjamin (Judg. 19:1-21:25)

5.8 Summary of the Book of Judges
T:115-116; NOSB3:HebBible:353-354
5.9 Recent Views of the Conquest
T:116-117; NOSB3:Essays:510-511
5.9.1 An Invasion
5.9.2 A Peaceful Infiltration
5.9.3 A Peasant's Revolt
5.9.4 Canaanites Turned Israelites

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