Literary Outline
The Gospel according to Matthew1
  Book One: The Son begins to proclaim the Kingdom Matt. 3:1-7:29 Book Two: The mission of Jesus and his disciples in Galilee Matt. 8:1-11:1 Book Three: Jesus meets opposition from Israel Matt.11:2-13:53 Book Four: The Messiah forms his church and prophesises his passion Matt. 13:54-18:35 Book Five: The Messiah and his church on the way to the passion Matt. 19:1-25:46

1Adapted from John P. Meier, Matthew, vol. 3 in New Testament Message (Wilmington, Delaware: Michael Glazier, Inc., 1980). One important clue suggesting this structure is the repeated phrase "When Jesus finished these sayings,..." in 7:28, 11:1, 13:53, 19:1 and 26:1.