Study of Mark 1:14-15
Last revised: 6/18/99

The following is a diagram of the grammatical structure of the scripture text:
         Now after John was arrested, 
Jesus came to Galilee, 
         proclaiming the good news of God 
                "The time is fulfilled 
                 the kingdom of God has come near; 
                 believe in the good news." 

Analysis Activities:
    1. Identify the core expression that serves as the foundation to everything else.
    2. Identify the time and place references.
    3. Identify the verbal actions of manner.
    4. Identify the content of the good news.
        a. Identify the principles declared in the good news.
        b. Identify the proper response to the preaching of the good news.
    5. Identify the literary function of 1:14-15 in the gospel of Mark.
    6. Explain the significance of this text as a summary narrative.