Historically Oriented Outline
Jesus, the Redeemer

I. Jesus has authoritative credentials. 1:1-13

II. Jesus ministered and taught in Galilee. 1:14-6:29 III. Jesus ministered and taught outside Galilee. 6:30-9:50 IV. Jesus moved toward his Passion. 10:1-13:37 V. Jesus was crucified and resurrected. 14:1-16:20 *****************************
1Taken from Lorin L. Cranford, A Study Manual of the New Testament, 2 vols. (Fort Worth: AlphaGraphics, 1981), 1:17-20. All rights reserved ©. This outline is correlated to the Summary Life of Christ Outline.

216:9-20 is a later addition to the gospel text and was not a part of the earliest copies of the gospel of Mark.

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